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Infrastructure is one of the major strengths of any hospitality institute. Our infrastructure has been created according to functionality, current trends and adequacy. It has exclusive labs, modern kitchens, air-conditioned classrooms and a well stocked library.

Training Kitchens:

These facilities are used for imparting skills in food production to the students. Training kitchens equip the students with the art of culinary science which involves food production and knowledge about various cuisines as well as bakery and confectionery.

Training Restaurants:

Designed like basic classical restaurants, these restaurants give our students training in various aspects of food and beverage service that entails basic to advanced layouts and functions. However, the training does not end just there. Our students are trained to serve food and beverage during the lunch service where they are individually corrected and groomed by the faculty members and seniors.

Housekeeping Lab:

Housekeeping lab consists of a mock guest room built as per hotel specifications and a housekeeping work area. In this room students practice the servicing of a guest room. The work area is used to impart knowledge about cleaning of different surfaces, laundry operations, flower arrangements, bed making etc.

Computer Lab:

Each unit has a computer lab with internet connection. Students use this knowledge to sharpen their computer skills as well as for doing assignments and conducting research.


Library is the image of an institute. CIHM's library has a wide range of reference books by both national and international authors on every subject pertaining to hospitality. In addition to these books, the library also has literature on general interest, personal development and a range of periodicals and educational Cds.

Real Time Training:

Our institute is in close proximity to actual deluxe properties. With an access to these attached hotels, spa and golf clubs, our students get a hands on experience in hospitality education. This sets us apart from others.





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